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Applications of HDPE Pipe

HDPE Pipes are used in a huge variety of applications from the Ocean Cleanup in the Pacific to the Himalayan peaks. It is a robust, durable, tough, lightweight plastic to work with. Dosen't that sound unreal, well it is. With a service life of 100+ years, there is no better piping material to do the job.

  •  Septic Tank / Leach Bed Lines, Condensates, Aeration & Caustic Lines.

  •  Conveying corrosive effluents of chemical & other process industries like   Petrochemicals, Paper, Dyestuff, Paints, Rayon & Fertilizers.

  •  Handling Saline Water, Sea water intake, Sea water air-conditioning.

  •  Suction & delivery of Water with Pump sets.

  •  Hydro transport systems - Cement / clinker, Coal, sand slurry & other         

  •  Abrasive slurries like iron ore, Fly ash conveyance, etc.

  •  Water & Wastewater Treatment plants  /  Corrosive &  Reclaimed Water.

  •  Sprinkler Irrigation Systems & Drip Irrigation Systems.

  •  Handles edible oils, fruit juices & pulps , Milk and other Food Materials.

  •  For Air Conditioning & Ducting.

  •  Swimming Pool Piping.

  •  Sewer, Storm & Sanitary Pipelines.

  •  Diffusers , Outfalls & Dredging Applications.

  •  Treats Radio-active waste.

  •  Conveys acids, alkalis & other highly corrosive chemicals .

  •  Chemical & Process Piping.

  •  Submarine & Underwater pipelines.

  •  Fish Farming .

  •  Hydroelectric Power Generation.

  •  Fire Mains—with special flame retardant additive.

  • Water Purification and filteration plants.

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